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Frank de Mulder Tribute
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Frank de Mulder Tribute

Elegant, sophisticated, seductive and artistic, the sexy photography by Belgian fine-art photographer Frank De Mulder in this coffee table book is all of these.


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Frank de Mulder, the Belgian visual artist, is known for his ability to capture the essence of feminine beauty in a way that is both elegant and bold. His photographs exude a refined seductiveness that is at once artistic and attractive.

A master of erotic photography
De Mulder is not just another photographer. He has established himself as a master of contemporary erotic photography. His works have graced the pages of renowned magazines such as Playboy, Maxim and GQ. Moreover, he has shared his talent and vision in four previously published books.

Tribute: A visual journey through his career
His latest masterpiece, aptly named "Tribute," is more than just a book of photographs. It is a visual tribute to a glittering career that highlights some of his most iconic photographs, as well as some hidden gems that have never before seen the light of day.

Global admiration and intriguing stories
With a fan base that spans the globe, De Mulder has built a reputation for choosing breathtaking models and shooting in exotic locations. His photographs tell stories - from sensual moments in mysterious hotel rooms to graceful images set against the backdrop of the most picturesque natural landscapes.

A respectful display of feminine beauty
What sets "Tribute" apart, however, is De Mulder's ability to portray female beauty with a deep respect. Viewers are taken on a journey that reveals the many facets of female sensuality: its fragility, its emotions, its flamboyance and its eroticism.

A must-have for photography enthusiasts
Whether you've been an admirer of De Mulder's art for years or have only recently discovered the enchanting world of erotic photography, "Tribute" is an essential addition to any photography enthusiast's collection.

In a world where images often say more than words, "Tribute" invites you to get lost in the depths of feminine beauty and sensuality through the lens of a true master.


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