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Keith Haring
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Keith Haring

This coffee-table book traces the artistic career of Keith Haring: how, in little more than a decade, a graffiti artist revolutionized the art world - and changed the course of art history forever.



Closely based on Haring's own concept for the monograph he intended to publish before his untimely death, this volume represents more than a decade of research and contains a wealth of unpublished photographic and written material, including drawings, studio photographs and diary entries.

From chalk drawings deep in the subways of New York City to murals in Pisa and Berlin, collaborations with William Burroughs and the famous body painting of Grace Jones, this book traces the incredible trajectory of Keith Haring's artistic career: how a young man from a small town in rural Pennsylvania revolutionized the art world - and the course of art history - in just over a decade. An incredibly prolific artist, Keith Haring created countless bold, provocative, endearing and unforgettable images that continue to inspire artists - and delight children around the world.

This visually stunning book follows the trail from his early subway "tags" to his poignant work on social issues such as AIDS, illiteracy and apartheid and is the definitive work on Keith Haring.

Title: Keith Haring
Publisher: Rizzoli
Size: 263 x 242 x 50
Size: 528 pages
Weight, 2756 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780847842988


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