Osiris Herman: Inspirational Interiors



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Osiris Herman: Inspirational Interiors
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Osiris Herman: Inspirational Interiors

With his love of craft and natural materials, Osiris Hertman has interior pieces and other beautiful items produced around the world. From concrete tables in Dubai to copper lamps with gossamer details in Bali.

PUBLISHER: Terra Lannoo


Delve into the sumptuous world of interior designer Osiris Hertman through his latest coffee table book, a stunning interior design book and photo book in one. Hertman transcends conventional interior designs and creates "total projects" in which architecture, exterior environment and interior blend seamlessly into a breathtaking whole.

With a deep-rooted love of craft and natural materials, Hertman takes interior design to an unprecedented level. His vision extends beyond four walls, and this is reflected in his global creations. From concrete tables that sparkle in Dubai to copper lamps with gossamer details in Bali, each piece is passionately designed by his team of architects and designers.

In his latest book, Hertman brings eight recent projects to life. From a luxurious city apartment to an elegant salon boat - each project is a masterpiece in itself. The pages of this book take you on a journey through Hertman's creative mind and offer a glimpse into the harmonious synergy between architecture and interior design.

Hertman's dedication to perfection is evident in the minute details of each project. From the sublime profiles of window frames to the refined natural stone tops of custom kitchens, his signature is unmistakable. The book reveals how he masterfully approaches both large-scale structures and delicate accents.

With this inspiring work, Osiris Hertman invites you to push the boundaries of traditional interior design. Lose yourself in the aesthetic splendor of his projects and be enchanted by the seamless symbiosis of architecture and interior design. This book is not only a tribute to Hertman's craftsmanship, but also a source of inspiration for anyone striving for refined beauty in the spaces around them.

Title: Inspirational Interiors
Author: Osiris Hertman
Publisher: Terra
Size: 309 x 331 x 28 mm
Size: 220 pages
Weight: 2230 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9789089897442


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