Small Houses: Homes for Our Time


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Small Houses: Homes for Our Time
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Small Houses: Homes for Our Time

This diverse collection of small but delicate houses proves that 100 square meters is enough space for intelligent and responsible building. Dream big, build small.



"Small Houses: Homes for Our Time" is more than a picture book; it is a tribute to the endless artistic ingenuity of architects and the ingenious perception of familiar concepts. It is also a conscious shift toward sustainability and reduction of environmental impact, as well as a bold change in lifestyle. At a time when humanity is experiencing inevitable pressures such as climate change, population growth and strain on resources, these solutions help shape what the future can look like.

Tiny houses around the world
Whether in the dense urban areas of Tokyo, the wilderness of Australia, the forests of Canada, or a rooftop in Ecuador, this is the world of Small Houses. The one common point they share is that they all have an area of no more than 100 square meters. This coffee table book describes houses in 25 countries such as Brazil, Hungary, South Korea, the Netherlands, the U.S., Japan and Australia. Houses designed by 57 architects are described, including Takeshi Hosaka's Love2 House, Aranza de Ariño's Casa Tiny, and the work of Jakub Szczesny, Charles Pictet, Lada Hršak, BIG, and Fran Silvestre, among others.

A journey through architectural innovation
This is not only a journey through recent evolutions in architectural design and creativity, but also a step toward a more sustainable world. "Small Houses" is an inspiring coffee table book that invites readers to think about the way we live and the impact we have on our planet.

A must-have for lovers of design and durability
"Small Houses: Homes for Our Time" is a beautiful photo book that offers a unique perspective on the world of modern living. It is a celebration of innovation, creativity and sustainability, captured with passion and care. Whether you are an architecture enthusiast or simply enjoy beautiful photography, this coffee table book is a valuable addition to any collection. It is a tribute to the beauty and possibilities of small spaces, and an inspiring look at the future of living.



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