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The Style of Time
Watch books

The Style of Time

This deluxe watch book covers the details and technical wonders of 60 wristwatch models that have gone down in history for their innovation in shapes, materials and production methods.


Time is a great mystery. A changeable element that expands or disappears, but which seems concrete when marked by the passage of seconds, minutes, hours, days and years. The path to the recording of minutes and seconds coincided with the stages of scientific evolution that allowed man to create watches that became increasingly reliable, but that also conformed to changes in habits, social needs and aesthetic canons.

This book covers the art of watchmaking and 60 major models, covering both their technical evolution and style trends. In each chapter, in-depth studies will lead the reader to the history of the main manufacturers, the personalities associated with the models covered, technical innovations, styles of the period, or records achieved by the wristwatches: from the watch that helped Charles Lindbergh during the first transatlantic solo flight, to the watch worn by Sir Edmund Hillary on the summit of Mount Everest, the most iconic models will be discussed in detail.

About the author
Mara Cappelletti is a journalist and author of several titles on watches, jewelry and ethnic jewelry traditions. She is a laboratory professor at the University of Milan, where she teaches the history of jewelry.

Title: The Style of Time
Author: Mara Cappelletti
Publisher: ACC Art Books
Size: 281 x 321 x 31 mm
Size: 272 pages
Weight: 2428 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781788841955


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