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MOKUMO Bestsellers: Today's most popular coffee table books that excite the senses

Choosing the perfect coffee table book can be challenging, given the plethora of options available. At MOKUMO we have simplified this task by compiling a selection of our bestsellers. These books are not only visually stunning, but also offer in-depth insights into their respective subjects. Let's dive into this extraordinary collection.

Metropolis by Alan Schaller

Metropolis" by Alan Schaller is a stunning depiction of city life captured in powerful black-and-white photography. This book takes you on a visual journey through world cities such as New York, London, Paris, Tokyo and Istanbul. Schaller's work is a celebration of architecture and humanity, brought together in intimate moments. With 240 pages of breathtaking images, this book is a must-have for lovers of urban photography.

Amsterdam by Cris Toala Olivares

Cris Toala Olivares' "Amsterdam" is a tribute to the city's 750-year history as seen through the lens of an award-winning photographer. The unique light on Amsterdam's canals and the reflections on the facades of the buildings are magically captured. This book is not only a visual feast, but also a story about the city and its inhabitants.

Neeltje de Vries: Her

Neeltje de Vries: Her" is an intimate look at femininity through the eyes of photographer Neeltje de Vries. This book challenges traditional perspectives and celebrates the beauty, freedom, independence and strength of women. With 228 pages of inspiring images, this book is a powerful statement of female empowerment.

Streets of Amsterdam by MENDO

Streets of Amsterdam" is a collection of personal perspectives by more than 40 photographers on the Dutch capital. Going beyond the familiar canals and canal houses, this book highlights Amsterdam's diversity and multiculturalism. It is an up-to-date representation of the city, full of life and culture.

Slim Aarons: The Essential Collection

Slim Aarons: The Essential Collection" is a comprehensive collection of the work of American photographer Slim Aarons. This book spans five decades of Aarons' career and includes more than 100 never-before-published images. It offers an unprecedented glimpse into Aarons' private world and is an essential addition to any photography collection.


These bestsellers from MOKUMO offer a wide range of perspectives, from the intimate moments of city life to the celebration of femininity and the rich history of Amsterdam. Each book has been carefully selected not only to please aesthetically, but also to offer insight and inspiration. Which book appeals most to you and why?

At MOKUMO, we are passionate about offering the most aesthetically pleasing and content-rich coffee table books. Explore our collection and find the perfect book to complement your decor or collection.