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'Who dances is free' exhibition on Amsterdam's club scene now at the Stadsarchief.

The Stadsarchief Amsterdam is celebrating the night with a special exhibition on the past and present of club culture in the city.

Club culture reflects the spirit of the times. Clubs have considerable cultural and social value to the city and society, but the club experience is primarily intangible. The exhibition "Wie danst is vrij" explores key aspects of club culture in Amsterdam from 1980 to the present through photographs, personal stories, flyers, videos, music, visual art, documents and unique objects. Memories of iconic venues such as RoXY, IT, Mazzo, Club11 and Trouw are interwoven with the stories behind contemporary clubs and organizations such as Paradiso, Club NYX, De School and Garage Noord.

This exhibition does not aim to provide a chronological or historical overview of club culture in Amsterdam. Instead, it sheds light on various facets that make the night important. Innovation, emancipation, experimentation and creativity take center stage. Collectively, it is a tribute to influential clubs past and present, inspiring a new generation. It is a nostalgic journey for those who have ever spent a night in Amsterdam and a fascinating discovery for all.

The RoXY Archive by Cleo Campert

Cleo Campert's RoXY Archive is an ode to the euphoria of the early house years, to the wild and ragged Amsterdam of the late 1980s.

Check out the RoXY book.

Several generations of clubgoers have developed identities, made friendships and found love in Amsterdam's nightlife. In the club, one can throw off diffidence, and the rules of the day do not apply. Here, young and old celebrate existence simultaneously. Thanks to the fusion of music, dance, light, décor and other sensory stimuli, there is room for total ecstasy and euphoria. In the dark, side by side, the worries of the day can be forgotten for a moment. He who dances is free.

On display until February 18, 2024 in the Exhibition Hall of the Stadsarchief (Vijzelstraat 32, Amsterdam)