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Brian Donnelly, better known as KAWS, is an influential and respected street art artist who has explored the boundaries of pop culture and contemporary art. His remarkable career includes an extensive collection of artwork that has taken the world by storm and a series of coffee-table books that have documented his creative journey and lasting impact on the art community.

Born in 1974 in Jersey City, New Jersey, KAWS began his artistic journey as a graffiti artist on the streets of New York City. His early work featured bold lines and an innovative approach to iconic pop culture figures, such as Mickey Mouse. His unique style quickly attracted attention and created a recognizable presence on the streets of New York.

As his art developed, KAWS began collaborating with renowned brands and art institutions. He collaborated with companies such as Nike, Uniqlo and Dior, making his art accessible to a global audience. His signature figures, such as the "Companion," became world-famous and represented the bridge between street art and the formal art world.

One of the most notable coffee table books released by KAWS is "KAWS" This book provides a comprehensive overview of his career and evolution as an artist. It includes a collection of photographs of his early graffiti works, sculptures, paintings and collaborations with various brands. "KAWS" reveals the deeper meaning behind his art and its impact on the contemporary art scene.

KAWS: What Party" is a coffee table book released on the occasion of his exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum in 2021. This book highlights a new series of his works and offers in-depth insights into his creative process. It includes essays and interviews that clarify the context and significance of his artworks, as well as his lasting influence on the art community.

KAWS: Where the End Starts" is another remarkable coffee table book published on the occasion of his retrospective exhibition at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth in 2016. This book offers an in-depth overview of his career, beginning with his graffiti work and evolving into his sculptures and paintings. It highlights the impact of his art on the art world and how he has pushed traditional boundaries.

"KAWS! He Eats Alone" is a book that puts the artist in a new context. Released in 2017, it offers a look at KAWS' work as curator of an exhibition at Shanghai's Yuz Museum. It includes photographs of the artworks he chose and highlights his vision of fusing art and pop culture.

The coffee table book "Phaidon Contemporary Artists Series - KAWS" is part of the renowned Phaidon series that highlights artists from various disciplines. This book contains a thorough analysis of KAWS' art and his impact on the contemporary art world. It offers art lovers and connoisseurs a deeper understanding of his oeuvre and his place within the context of contemporary art.

KAWS has transformed the art world by exploring the boundaries of pop culture and contemporary art. His coffee table books are an invaluable resource for art lovers, offering deep insight into his creative journey and his lasting impact on the art community. His unique style and groundbreaking artworks will undoubtedly maintain his place in art history and serve as an inspiration to future generations of artists.

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