KAWS: What Party (Black on Pink edition)


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KAWS: What Party (Black on Pink edition)
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KAWS: What Party (Black on Pink edition)

A comprehensive monograph on the work of KAWS, one of the most sought-after artists and creative forces of our time.



In the contemporary art world, one name that continues to resonate because of his unique approach and ability to connect traditional art forms with the pulsating energy of pop culture is KAWS. His work, deeply rooted in the traditions of Pop Art, has transformed the way we experience and consume art.

Between tradition and innovation
KAWS, an artist who is not limited to one medium, has created a body of work that is both diverse and profound. Whether in painting, sculpture, fashion or even augmented reality, his work challenges conventions and invites audiences to explore the boundaries of art and culture. His ability to move between these worlds makes him one of the most intriguing figures on the contemporary art scene.

An in-depth look at the master at work
The book "KAWS: What Party (Black on Pink edition)" is not simply a collection of his works. It is a carefully curated journey through the artist's mind. In collaboration with KAWS himself, this coffee table book offers a unique opportunity to view not only his most iconic works, but also the artist's sketches, preparatory drawings and rare images in his creative process. It reveals the depth and craftsmanship behind each piece, giving the reader a deeper understanding of his vision and methodology.

A celebration at the Brooklyn Museum
This book is not only a tribute to the work of KAWS, but also accompanies a large-scale exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. This exhibition, which surveys his impressive career, highlights his influence and contribution to contemporary art and culture.

 KAWS redefines contemporary art
At a time when the lines between visual art and pop culture are becoming increasingly blurred, KAWS is at the forefront of this evolution. "KAWS: What Party (Black on Pink edition)" is an essential book for anyone interested in the dynamic world of modern art and the visionary minds that shape it. It invites reflection, discussion and, above all, appreciation for the boundless creativity of a true master.

Title: KAWS: What Party
Author: Daniel Birnbaum
Publisher: Phaidon
Size: 305 × 238 x 32 mm
Size: 256 pages
Weight: 1975 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardback
ISBN: 9781838663940



Brian Donnelly, better known as KAWS, is an influential and respected street art artist who has explored the boundaries of pop culture and contemporary art. His remarkable career includes an extensive collection of artwork that has taken the world by storm and a series of coffee-table books that have documented his creative journey and lasting impact on the art community. Born in...