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Rembrandt by Typex
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Rembrandt by Typex

Rembrandt is a graphic novel by Dutch cartoonist and illustrator Typex about Holland's greatest master painter.


At the height of his fame, Rembrandt is married to Saskia, the love of his life. He makes a lot of money, but he spends it just as easily. But when Saskia dies, he becomes entangled in an affair with the nanny Geertje, which culminates in a series of lawsuits. In the later relationship with his housekeeper Hendrickje, Rembrandt finds comfort and affection again for a short time, but eventually he dies lonely and impoverished. This is the image we know of Rembrandt from books and movies.

In his graphic Rembrandt, Typex tries to link the scant facts that are known to him with his own twenty-first-century reality as a draughtsman and to put himself as best he can into Rembrandt and those close to him. This creates an interaction between the contemporary draughtsman and the seventeenth-century painter. Thus Typex shows a subjective human image of the painter; inspired and hot-tempered, stiff and sentimental.

Typex has drawn visual inspiration from the drawings and paintings of Rembrandt and his contemporaries so that image and story form a whole. Each chapter shows a period of Rembrandt's life through a key figure. As a result, each chapter has its own dynamics, narrative style and color palette. The story unfolds on different levels both graphically and narratively.

The unique collaboration between Typex, the Rijksmuseum and publishers Oog & Blik and De Bezige Bij guarantees a fantastic graphic novel about Rembrandt's life, which has also been published in English and Spanish.

Author: Typex
Size: 190 x 244 x 25 mm
Size: 264 pages
Weight: 805 grams
Language: Dutch
Material: Paperback



Typex (born 1962) is a Dutch cartoonist and illustrator. He has been active in the world of comics since 1982. His first work appeared in the underground magazine De Balloen and in various children's magazines. For the magazine Zone 5300 he developed the comic strip De Belevenissen van Moortje Poes. In 1996 he published Melkman, an echo of Max & Moritz. In...