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Julius Rooymans: The Shadow of the Master
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Julius Rooymans: The Shadow of the Master

De Schaduw van de Meester is one of the greatest Dutch art projects, summarized in a breathtaking coffee table book.


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The Shadow of the Master by artist Julius Rooymans is one of the greatest Dutch art projects of recent times. Seven wall-sized works of art for which more than two hundred extras modeled tell you about the life and work of famous master painters such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Vincent van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer, Jan Steen and Piet Mondriaan. A monk's work, executed with enormous attention to detail.

"As a creator of wall-sized art photographs about world-famous masters, such as Rembrandt and Vermeer, I have discovered many hidden stories. I have compiled these stories into a 324-page art book. Nothing is what it seems, just like with Jan Steen and Vermeer. I am fascinated by the edge that bounds a photograph or painting. The frame. Anything that you don't see outside that still affects the story. Like the theater surrounding Professor Tulp's anatomy lesson, the life of Vincent Van Gogh and the flip side of the Night Watch."

In the wonderful coffee-table book The Shadow of the Master, you will read stories about Mondrian who danced like a Madonna, about Van Gogh who could become lyrical about the color of a flower petal, about how big Vermeer's debt to the baker was, about Jan Steen's mega pocket dictionary, about how Rembrandt turned a criminal back into a human being, and of course about what all that has to do with the life and work of Julius Rooymans.

'This book takes you like a whirlwind to a hundred, two hundred, even four hundred years ago. And brings you back to the here and now with the same speed.'

Author: Julius Rooymans
Size: 324 pages
Material: Hardcover


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