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Neeltje de Vries

Amsterdam-based photographer Neeltje de Vries has distinguished herself with her photography through her unparalleled vision of beauty and her ability to capture timeless stories of women. Since her introduction to the world of art, she has impressed with her ability to capture and interpret beauty in a way that is both subtle and powerful.

Neeltje de Vries: HER
Her coffee table book "HER" is a reflection of her extraordinary talent. The images in this book testify to a profound, autonomous approach to photography. They are not simply a reaction to previous works, but form a language all their own that explores new artistic horizons. Neeltje's images, often containing nudity as a functional artistic choice, emphasize purity, connection to nature and emancipation from identity and time constraints.

Neeltje's past as a graphic designer is reflected in the graphic elements that characterize her work. She plays with lines, shapes and compositions, often involving models in the structure of the image. Geometric shapes, repetition of patterns and cropping contribute to the depth and harmony of her compositions. This attention to detail is partly intuitive; the lack of harmony in the graphic elements unsettles her, as does wrong light or other disturbing conditions.

Neeltje's art, however, goes beyond creating aesthetically pleasing images. Rather, her work forms a narrative of femininity, with nuances ranging from sophistication to rawness. Her models exude pride but are also demure, seductive and reserved. As Neeltje herself says, "My work is often aesthetically pleasing, but it also contains discomfort. The women I photograph allow only the appearance of closeness. In this interplay of struggle and reconciliation lies a mystery that captivates longer than clearly expressed emotions."

Neeltje not only breaks through the traditional way women are often portrayed, but also shows that women are much more than the limited roles imposed on them by a dominant male gaze and age-old stereotypes in a patriarchal society. She offers a unique perspective on what it means to be a woman and to break free from expectations and prejudices.

A striking feature of Neeltje's work is that the women she portrays are not trying to please the viewer. They are themselves, complete and independent. Surrounded by nature, they are naked and invulnerable, demanding no attention or approval from others. This is a bold statement within a male-dominated context in which women are often seen as objects. The women in Neeltje's work exude a sense of freedom and independence, making them both powerful and intriguing.

This wildness and indomitability is reflected in the way nature, such as the sea, rocks and wild horses, are part of her images. The connection between women and nature emphasizes purity and innocence, as well as the primal force of nature with which women are inseparable. Connection between women is another essential theme in Neeltje's work. Whether mothers and daughters, sisters or friends, she shows the power of female togetherness. Together, women are invincible.

Neeltje's photographs, characterized by raw, unpolished beauty, do not discourage but invite introspection and understanding. They impose no interpretation on the viewer; her process is intuitive

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