Assouline: Travel by Design


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Assouline: Travel by Design
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Assouline: Travel by Design

An inspiring and informative resource, Travel by Design highlights the superiority of design excellence and its importance to any civilization.

PUBLISHER: Assouline


Travel by Design features travel photographs by more than 150 of America's top architects and designers and is an inspiring guide to the power of travel to shape and expand our world. Travel by Design reminds us of the beauty and importance of travel, with images from more than 100 locations in 60 countries, from exotic destinations and global cities to adventure travel and all-American escapes.

More than 350 photographs take readers on a global journey through cityscapes, ancient civilizations, luxury resorts and stunning natural wonders, all seen through the critical and artistic eyes of today's leading creative talents. The 40 pages of insider information, from favorite hotels and restaurants to secret shopping opportunities and must-see landmarks, make planning future trips reassuring and easy.

Title: Travel by Design
Publisher: Assouline books
Size: 280 x 330 x 35 mm
Size: 280 pages
Weight: 6.5 kg
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781614289258



Assouline is the premier luxury cultural brand. The well-known New York publisher aims to provide everything for a contemporary library; from beautiful books featuring photography, art, travel and lifestyle to special editions in collaboration with world-renowned photographers, artists, designers, fashion brands, celebrities, car designers, perfume makers, Assouline was founded in Paris in 1994 by Prosper and...