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Captured: Rotterdam
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Captured: Rotterdam

Captured Rotterdam is an ode to Rotterdam. On the basis of 200 unique photographs, shot through the lens of 45 photographers, we see the port city at its very best.


Captured: Rotterdam is an ode to Rotterdam. Through 200 unique photographs, shot through the lens of 45 photographers, we behold the port city at its very best. From raw to polished, from old to new. And from Rotterdammer to import.  

The stunning photo book Captured: Rotterdam highlights the special character of the city on the Maas. The place where history and culture go hand in hand. Residents and the city's iconic architecture play a leading role in the book. Not for a moment will you get enough of Rotterdam. As you turn the pages, you fall from one surprise to another. What a metropolis!

Roy Geneugelijk
Captured: Rotterdam is an initiative of Roy Geneugelijk. As a purebred Rotterdammer and lover of street photography, the manager of Pizzabakkers Rotterdam had been looking for a nice photo book about his city for some time. When he found out that one did not exist, he decided to publish the book then.

However, a city as diverse as Rotterdam required a huge diversity of photos and photographers. His search on Instagram brought him a wealth of photography of his beloved city, and thus there is now; Captured: Rotterdam. The result is stunning. A unique gift for every lover of 010.

Title: Captured: Rotterdam
Size: 222 x 286 x 40 mm
Size: 288 pages
Weight: 1776 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9789090378725


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