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Chez Bijdendijk

Chez Bijdendijk

Chez Bijdendijk is a valuable cookbook for anyone who wants to learn about French cuisine and make classic dishes with a modern twist.


French cuisine, with famous chefs such as Escoffier, Bocuse and Ducasse, is considered the basis of many other cuisines. Joris Bijdendijk, known for restaurants RIJKS® and Wils, also drew inspiration from French gastronomy. During his education, internships in France and through his French wife Elsa, he mastered the classic French preparations.

In his cookbook "Chez Bijdendijk," Joris Bijdendijk shares 70 favorite recipes, featuring French classics such as Boeuf bourguignon, cassoulet, bourride and cannelés, which he regularly cooks at home. You'll also learn all about baking from bread, pastries to pies, stews, salads, vinaigrettes and sauces. The classic basics with a modern twist.

In addition to recipes, Bijdendijk teaches French techniques such as poaching, blanching and flambéing. French cuisine has a universal language. Bijdendijk explains the basic techniques, allowing you to vary endlessly. Get acquainted with French products and learn how to use them.

Chez Bijdendijk is a valuable cookbook for anyone who wants to learn about French cuisine and create classic dishes with a modern twist. The clear recipes, explanation of techniques and focus on authentic ingredients make this book an inspiration for home cooks.

Other Bijdendijk cookbooks
In addition to Chez Bijdendijk, we recommend the cookbooks 'At Bijdendijk's Home' and 'Bijdendijk - A cuisine for the low countries' by Michelin-starred chef Joris Bijdendijk wholeheartedly to master his kitchen knowledge and technique.

Title: Chez Bijdendijk
Author: Joris Bijdendijk
Publisher: Nijgh & Van Ditmar
Size: 287 x 228 x 30 mm
Size: 288 pages
Weight: 1346 grams
Language: Dutch
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9789038814711



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