David Drebin: Flirting with Danger


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David Drebin: Flirting with Danger
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David Drebin: Flirting with Danger

Artist David Drebin's new coffee table book is now devoted to the fascinating appeal of the forbidden and the dangerous.



A photograph should tell a story. It should open doors to a mysterious journey of thought by making viewers forget the world around them for a brief moment. David Drebin is known for infusing his photographic masterpieces with compelling stories. While each of his works is characterized by creative uniqueness, his distinctive style puts a clear signature on each image - a romantic melancholy with a touch of eroticism that elegantly invites you into a thrilling fantasy. In his new illustrated book "Flirting With Danger," the famous star photographer now presents particularly sensational moments of this subject.

Cinematically, David Drebin creates a dream world that, thanks to his hyper-realistic style, at the same time seems so lifelike that, as a viewer, you feel part of the setting. Perhaps it is this twist that makes his artwork so exciting, or perhaps it is the way he skillfully stages his protagonists. Each of his pictures leaves the impression of its own dramaturgy, which only encourages mental cinema. What will happen next? What happened before?

The artist's new coffee table book is now dedicated to the fascinating appeal of the forbidden and the dangerous. Intense snapshots show approaches to the exciting sides of life. The result is a book in a class of its own. In an extra-large format, the artist's images are able to achieve maximum effect, skillfully heightening the viewer's emotions.

Title: David Drebin: Flirting with Danger
Publisher: teNeues
Size: 298 x 379 x 25 mm
Size: 144 pages
Weight: 1994
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9783961714674


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