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Terry O'Neill: Every Picture Tells a Story
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Terry O'Neill: Every Picture Tells a Story

Terry O'Neill, one of the greatest photographers of the past 60 years reveals the stories behind his most iconic images - the stories only he can tell.


Coffee table book 'Terry O'Neill: Every Picture Tells a Story'

A new edition of the bestselling Every Picture Tells a Story by one of the greatest photographers of the past 60 years, Terry O'Neill. This updated edition includes 32 additional pages with new stories behind some of O'Neill's most iconic images.

From the morning he spent with Faye Dunaway by the pool in Beverly Hills, to a walk through Vegas with Sean Connery dressed as James Bond, a chance encounter with Bruce Springsteen on the Sunset Strip, to taking Jean Shrimpton to a doll hospital - these are the stories behind the images as only Terry O'Neill can reveal them.

"I was walking down the Miami Beach boardwalk to the Fontainebleau Hotel where Sinatra was staying ... I held out my hand with the letter in my hand and he took it. He opened it, read it ... turned to his security people and said, "This boy belongs to me." I never found out what Ava said to him in that letter. From then on, I was part of his inner circle." - Terry O'Neill

From The Beatles to the Rolling Stones, Terry O'Neill quickly became the photographer of the 1960s. With his eye - and ear - for music and musicians, he instinctively knew which bands to focus on. And they, in turn, trusted him. "I remember being in a pub with the Beatles and the Stones. We were just hanging out and talking about what we would do next, after this was all over. By that we meant the fame, the 'new kids of the moment.' Usually this kind of fame is not permanent. Little did we know that 60 years later we would still be doing it."

Title: Terry O'Neill: Every Picture Tells a Story
Author: Terry O'Neill
Publisher: ACC Art Books
Size: 235 x 296 x 25 mm
Size: 224 pages
Weight: 1435 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781788841283


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