The Silver Spoon - Classic


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The Silver Spoon - Classic

The Silver Spoon - Classic

The deluxe cookbook The Silver Spoon, featuring the best recipes from all regions of Italy, is the best tool for home chefs.


Are you a lover of Italian cuisine? Are you looking for authentic recipes that you can easily make at home? Then discover The Silver Spoon - Classic, a luxurious collection of the best recipes from the world-famous Italian cookbook The Silver Spoon.

This beautiful hardcover edition:

  • Contains 170 carefully selected recipes from various regions of Italy, from classic pastas and pizzas to flavorful antipasti and desserts.
  • Features all-new photography that brings each dish to life.
  • Offers ease of use with dual reading ribbons.
  • Has a beautiful design and rich execution, making it an ideal gift for any (home) cook.

The Silver Spoon - Classic is more than a cookbook. It is a journey through Italian cuisine, with recipes passed down from generation to generation. The recipes are easy to follow and contain all the information needed to prepare a perfect Italian meal.

Whether you are a novice or advanced cook, with The Silver Spoon - Classic you will enjoy the most authentic and delicious Italian dishes.

This book is a real must-have for anyone who appreciates Italian cuisine.

Some additional benefits:

  • For more than seventy years, the best-selling cookbook in Italy.
  • All recipes are traditional and rooted in Italian culture.
  • The recipes have been rewritten so that they can be understood outside Italy.
  • The Silver Spoon is the famous cookbook series on Italian cuisine that you must have.

Title: The Silver Spoon - Classic
Publisher: Spectrum
Size: 279 x 212 x 45 mm
Size: 368 pages
Weight: 1806 grams
Language: Dutch | English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9789000373314


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