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The Sour City - A biography of table sour in Amsterdam

With over four hundred striking images, The Acid City shows how acid has determined Amsterdam's cultural identity.


The Sour City - A biography of table sour in Amsterdam

Rattling wheels of carts on the cobblestones, fleets full of acid merchandise in the canals: Amsterdam around 1900, a lively melting pot of smells and cultures, of all classes and walks of life, rich and poor, emigrants and immigrants. Sour is what connects the peddlers from Amsterdam's Jewish corner, that culinary mixture of salt and/or vinegar and spices in which vegetables are pickled.

Layer by layer in De zure stad, Paul van Ravestein and Monique Mulder chart the story of Amsterdam's acid; from pickling plants, canneries and auctions to the peddlers. With over four hundred eloquent images, De zure stad shows how acid has been decisive for Amsterdam's cultural identity. The pickles, onions and herrings paint the history and development of the city.

Author: Paul van Ravestein & Monique Mulder
Size: 205 x 264 x 30 mm
Size: 304 pages
Weight: 1230 grams
Language: Dutch
Material: Hardcover


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