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Top 5 Cookbooks that will make any home cook conjure up dishes like a celebrity chef.

Are you an avid home cook who is always looking for inspiration to prepare the tastiest dishes in the kitchen? Whether you are an experienced home chef or just starting to explore the world of cooking, a good cookbook can be an invaluable source of inspiration. MOKUMO has compiled a top five cookbooks that should not be missing from any kitchen. These books are not only a feast for the eyes, they also offer a wealth of culinary knowledge and inspiration.

Chez Bijdendijk: Learning to cook at home using 70 French classics

Joris Bijdendijk, a renowned Dutch chef, takes you on a culinary journey through his home kitchen. This cookbook is full of accessible recipes that reflect the essence of Bijdendijk's cooking. From simple weekday meals to more challenging dishes for special occasions, Chez Bijdendijk is a must-have for anyone who wants to explore Dutch cuisine.

Japan: The Cookbook

Japan: The Cookbook offers a comprehensive look at Japanese cuisine with more than 400 recipes ranging from classic sushi to lesser-known regional specialties. This book is a wonderful source of inspiration for anyone interested in sophisticated and versatile Japanese cuisine.

Toscanini: Pasta

Toscanini: Pasta, a beloved Italian restaurant in Amsterdam, shares their most beloved recipes in this book. From fresh pastas to delicious desserts, Toscanini offers an authentic take on Italian cuisine that will appeal to beginners and advanced cooks alike.

The Gourmand's Egg: An Ode to the Egg

The Gourmand's Egg is a unique cookbook devoted entirely to the egg. With recipes ranging from simple omelets to complex soufflés, this book shows the versatility of the egg in the kitchen. A must-have for anyone who wants to master the art of cooking with eggs.

Spain: The Cookbook

Spain: The Cookbook is the ultimate guide to Spanish cuisine, with more than 1,000 recipes that reflect the rich diversity of Spanish gastronomy. From tapas to paella, this book offers a comprehensive look at traditional and modern Spanish cuisine.


These top 5 cookbooks offer a wealth of culinary inspiration and knowledge, perfect for anyone looking to improve their cooking skills or discover new cuisines. Each book has been carefully selected based on the quality of the recipes, the aesthetics of the book and the expertise of the authors. Which book appeals to you the most and why?

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