At Bijdendijk Home
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At Bijdendijk's Home

With over 250 recipes and the clearly described techniques, chef Joris Bijdendijk takes you through what appears on the table in his home.


In the cookbook "At Bijdendijk's Home," renowned chef Joris Bijdendijk takes readers into his culinary world. With more than 250 recipes and clearly described techniques, this book offers a unique opportunity to discover the secrets of a master chef. From cleaning a lobster to baking a perfect brioche, Bijdendijk shares his knowledge and passion in an accessible way.

A culinary journey of discovery: Recipes and techniques
This book is not just a collection of recipes; it is a culinary voyage of discovery. Bijdendijk's approach is contemporary, surprising and yet familiar. The beautiful photography and inspiring stories make it a feast for the eyes and a must-have for any foodie and lover of gastronomy.

More than a cookbook: Science and history
In addition to recipes and techniques, the book also offers insight into the scientific and historical background of everyday ingredients. Culinary journalist Joël Broekaert writes with infectious wonder about topics such as butter, sugar, fire and the illustrious fifth flavor umami. This extra dimension adds depth and context to the recipes and makes the book a rich source of knowledge and inspiration.

Praising Words: What others are saying
Celebrities such as Nicolette van Dam, Humberto Tan and Willie Wartaal have expressed their admiration for the cookbook. Van Dam praises the inspiring dishes and beautiful photography, while Tan describes the book as a feast and Wartaal sees it as an exposition of a unique style.

An indispensable book for the true foodie
'At Bijdendijk's Home' is more than a cookbook; it is a culinary experience. It is an invitation to explore the world of a master chef and to discover the rich and varied flavors and techniques of gastronomy. Whether you are an experienced cook or just beginning to cook, this book offers something for everyone. It is a celebration of food, cooking and the joy of sharing delicious meals. Highly recommended for anyone who loves good food and wants to expand their culinary horizons.