Banksyisms: The Wit, Wisdom and Inspiration of an Art Outlaw
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Banksyisms: The Wit, Wisdom and Inspiration of an Art Outlaw

The coffee table book Banksyisms is an in-depth look at his inspiring and witty commentary, complemented by images of his most iconic work.


In today's art world, perhaps no name evokes more intrigue and mystery than Banksy. "Banksyisms: The Wit, Wisdom and Inspiration of an Art Outlaw" offers an unparalleled look at the thoughts and works of this enigmatic artist, focusing on his keen observations and commentaries.

A mysterious icon under the microscope
Banksy is known for his provocative and often politically charged artworks, which pop up in cities around the world. This book brings together his most iconic creations, from the Nottingham Hula Hoop Girl and the Bristol Valentines Day to the Girl With Balloon and the London Extinction Rebellion. Each artwork is accompanied by Banksy's own commentary, giving the reader a unique insight into the artist's mind.

From Gaza to LA: A global movement
Banksy's influence is not limited to one location. His works can be found in cities as diverse as Gaza, London, New York and Paris. "Banksyisms" takes the reader on a world tour, placing each artwork in its geographical and cultural context. Whether it is the Calais Steve Jobs, addressing the refugee crisis, or the Devolved Parliament, commenting on the political situation in the UK, Banksy's works are always current and relevant.

A timeline of a revolutionary
In addition to detailed descriptions of his artworks, the book also provides a comprehensive timeline of Banksy's career. From his early days in Bristol to his most recent creations, this timeline chronicles the evolution of an artist who never ceases to surprise and challenge.

"Banksyisms: The Wit, Wisdom and Inspiration of an Art Outlaw" is more than just a art book. It is a journey through the mind of one of the most influential and enigmatic figures in the contemporary art world. For both the seasoned art lover and the curious layman, this book offers an unparalleled look into the world of Banksy. A world where art, politics and social criticism converge in an explosion of color, creativity and controversy.

Title: Banksyisms: The Wit, Wisdom and Inspiration of an Art Outlaw
Size: 165 x 220 x 20 mm
Size: 228 pages
Weight: 835 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781908211880


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