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Icons by Oscar Abolafia
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Icons by Oscar Abolafia

Elvis. Grace. Elizabeth. Marlene. Sophia. Mick. Salvador. There are not many who are so iconic that a first name is enough to tell us who they are. They were captured by a photographer named Oscar Abolafia.



You only need to hear a first name of some people to know who is being talked about. Elvis, Twiggy, Frank, Sammie, Andy, Sophia, Elizabeth, Priscilla, Marlene, John, Yoko, Paul, Jimmy, Jim, Janis, Mick, Jack, Ginger, Fred, Salvador, Cher and Audrey. All of these icons were captured by an unknown photographer. This photographer is now in his eighties and his name is Oscar Abolafia. You may call him Oscar.

To compile the book Icons, Oscar Abolafia opened his treasure trove of more than 300,000 intimate and iconic photographs of famous celebrities for the Amsterdam-based creative agency MENDO. Oscar was not just a photographer who kept his distance like a paparazzi, he built personal and intimate relationships with the most enduring stars of our time. In the book Icons you will read the best anecdotes about the world's most famous stars.

Title: Icons by Oscar
Publisher: Terra
Size: 253 x 345 x 34 mm
Size: 248 pages
Weight: 2224 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9789089899507


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