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Vermeer Rijksmuseum
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Vermeer Rijksmuseum

The coffee table book Vermeer Rijksmuseum by Pieter Roelofs shows all the works of 17th-century master Johannes Vermeer, and the research on them.



In 2023, the Rijksmuseum organized an exhibition on 17th-century master Johannes Vermeer for the first time in its history. With at least 28 paintings, including such famous works as the Girl with the Pearl Earring, the Milkmaid, The Geographer, Writing Woman with Servant and Woman with the Scales, this was the largest Vermeer exhibition ever.

Vermeer coffee table book
On the occasion of the exhibition, the Rijksmuseum, in collaboration with publisher Hannibal, has issued a comprehensive publication on the master painter, which includes all of Vermeer's works, discussed in detail by Vermeer experts Pieter Roelofs and Gregor J.M. Weber.

In the run-up to the exhibition, Pieter Roelofs and Gregor J.M. Weber conducted extensive research into the life and artistry of the seventeenth-century painter. This has provided new insights into his social position, household, religious life, technique and the influence of his surroundings on his painting. By connecting the new knowledge about his personal life with his work, we are now closer to Vermeer than ever before.

This book, designed by Irma Boom, immerses the reader in the immensely rich pictorial world of the Delft master. All 37 works attributed to him are included in this publication, and the many details of the paintings make us look at Vermeer's art again and again in wonder.

Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) lived and worked in Delft. His work is best known for his hushed, introverted indoor scenes, his unprecedented use of bright, colorful light and his convincing illusionism. Unlike Rembrandt, for example, Vermeer left behind a remarkably small body of work.

Title: Vermeer Rijksmuseum
Author: Pieter Roelofs
Publisher: Hannibal
Size: 219 x 269 x 38 mm
Size: 320 pages
Weight: 1392 grams
Language: Dutch and English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9789464666175


Johannes Vermeer

Johannes Vermeer (Delft, Oct. 31, 1632) was a Dutch painter of the Golden Age. Vermeer is hailed as one of the greatest painters of the seventeenth century. The painter favored timeless, subdued moments. He remains enigmatic for his inimitable coloring and bewildering light. Vermeer's paintings, mostly genre pieces and a few history pieces, allegories...


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