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Below Sea Level - The Netherlands in Photographs

In Below Sea Level, photographer Ewout Huibers captures the seasons in the Netherlands with a keen eye for highlights and places far below sea level.



In Below Sea Level, photographer Ewout Huibers captures the whole of the Netherlands in every season with unprecedented highlights and places far below sea level. A photographic journey through the country where water is both friend and foe.

Almost a quarter of the Netherlands' land area consists of drained inland lakes and reclaimed sea. Every bit of land is treasured in a country that is also densely populated. The ubiquitous water is a natural protagonist in Ewout Huibers' bright photographs. The Dutch have lived with the water for centuries, and still half of the Netherlands lies below sea level, below the Normal Amsterdam Level (NAP). Below Sea Level is a meticulous visual study of the land of the down-to-earth and industrious Dutch, who live in a land that is never finished.

Titl: Below Sea Level
Author: Ewout Huibers and Jeroen Junte
Publisher: TerraLannoo
Size, 255 x 348 x 35 mm
Size: 352 pages
Weight: 2686 grams
Language: English
Material: Hardcover
ISBN: 9789089896551


Ewout Huibers

Photographer Ewout Huibers (Arnhem, 1969) is a master of fine art. He has been working as a freelance photographer since 2000. His graphic vision is fully expressed in his specialty: urban photography, capturing interiors and buildings for architects and designers.  







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