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Mendo books

As an independent and award-winning publisher, MENDO creates well-designed coffee table books with visually stunning content that won't look out of place on your coffee table.


MENDO, creators of stunning coffee table books that won't look out of place on your coffee table

In the world of creative publishing shines MENDO like a star in the firmament. As an independent publisher, MENDO is dedicated to creating books that stimulate not only the mind, but also the senses. They have no interest in flooding the market with books; quality over quantity, and each year they produce only a select number of titles. These books promise visual stimuli, fresh perspectives, new ideas and an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

MENDO's approach to books is like managing an art gallery. They see physical books as inspiring works of art that serve as collectibles and enduring objects of beauty. Each book is a work of art in itself, with thoughtful design and carefully curated content.

The topics of MENDO's publications vary, but mainly fall within categories such as fashion, photography, interior design, sports, lifestyle, food and travel. Each new project begins with a question: do they see the potential to create a book that is both visually inspiring and conceptually sound?

The criteria for selecting new projects are clear. First is the need for a strong foundation. MENDO asks whether the potential is there to create a book that will amaze and inspire people. It is not a frivolous decision; MENDO understands that a book is more than just words on paper. It must be a visual journey, an experience in itself.

Second is the issue of collaborative partners. For MENDO, this is a personal journey. They look for partners who share the same passion and dedication as themselves. Together they will go through the creative process, and it is essential that these collaborations be based on mutual understanding and respect.

Finally, there is the business aspect. A book must be viable and have an audience. It needs a stage on which to shine and a community that will be inspired by it. MENDO understands that even the most beautiful book in the world without readers will only be a silent witness.

MENDO's books are more than just bundles of paper and ink. They are sources of inspiration, insight and beauty. Whether an exploration of rock 'n' roll interiors, a celebration of queer photography, or a deep dive into the world of haute couture, MENDO books always promise something special.

MENDO's commitment to quality and creativity has led to a series of award-winning publications. Their books are appreciated not only for their content, but also for their physical appearance. MENDO has even designed a book stand to proudly display their latest works, as a tribute to the art of bookmaking.

In the world of MENDO, books are more than just stories. They are windows into other worlds, other ideas, other ways of seeing. MENDO is an oasis for lovers of art and creativity, and their publications will continue to excite and inspire, page after page.

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